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famwbikeThe Active Living Council (ALC) for San Antonio was formed in 2010 to influence physical activity within our city and the surrounding areas by developing and promoting a 3-5 year master plan to promote active living, reduce sedentary behaviors, and increase physical activity. Download the Active Living Plan to find out more! Active Living Resource page (coming soon)

The ALC will: 

  • Provide a forum to address active living issues
  • Promote coordination among various sectors that impact active living
  • Foster local physical activity and active living projects
  • Promote improved access to places and programs for physical activity (such as parks and open spaces)
  • Promote policies related to increasing physical activity and active living (such as transportation, land-use, community design, and safety)

What is active living?

Active living is a way of life that integrates physical activity into daily routines, such as walking to the grocery store, riding a bicycle to work, or exercising.

What can you do? 

  • Request a presentation by an ALC Member
  • Host a forum
  • Volunteer on an ALC committee
  • Support policy, environmental, and system changes for active living
  • Promote and implement the Active Living Plan for a Healthier San Antonio ALC's Vision & Mission

Vision: Transform Bexar County into a healthy community through active living.

Mission: To improve quality of life by facilitating positive change in policy, infrastructure, and attitudes that result in a vibrant and healthy community for all Bexar County residents.

ALC Sheet

State & National Resources


Local Resources

 America Walks    San Antonio Greenway Trails
 National Physical Activity Plan     San Antonio Park Trails
 Every Body Walk!    Walking Groups
 Steps to a Walkable Community    
 Active Living Research    
 Active Texas 2020    







Active Living Council

ALC Logo Wide - Color - SmallThe Active Living Council is a committee of the Mayor's Fitness Council. For more information, contact
 or connect with the Active Living Council on Facebook!

ALC Sectors/Fact Sheets

The Active Living Plan includes strategies for eight community sectors:

• Business & Industry
• Education
• Healthcare
Mass Media
Public Health
• Volunteer & Non-Profit
• Parks, Recreation, Fitness & Sports
• Transportation, Land Use & Community Design