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Find easy tips and information on a variety of nutritional topics!


Metro Health - Community Health Fact Sheets

The City of San Antonio Metropolitan Health District releases the Chronic Disease Fact Sheets biennially to keep the community informed of local obesity, physical activity, diabetes and nutrition data. 

2014-FactSheet-Diabetes-EnglishNutrition Sheet         
                 Diabetes Fact Sheet                           Nutrition Fact Sheet
                        en Español                                   

Physical Activity Sheet2014-FactSheet-Obesity-English 
            Physical Activity Fact Sheet                        Obesity Fact Sheet
                                                                                      en Español

Scientific evidence consistently supports eating more fruits and vegetables for your overall health. And there is compelling evidence that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. As a result, increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables people eat is an important strategy to reverse the obesity epidemic in San Antonio.

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Courtesy of the San Antonio Food Bank

Check out the toolkit on produce and find out:

What is Cooking per Season?
Recipes – SAFB – Nutrition,
Health & Wellness SA Farmers Markets;
How to Shop at Farmers’ Markets

WhatsCookingSpring           WhatsCookingSummer

                            Spring                                                           Summer

WhatsCookingFall          WhatsCookingWinter

                             Fall                                                                Winter



Think before you drink:

Why sugar-PACKED drinks shouldn’t be the first choice for you and your family. Download the SUGAR-PACKED PDF.
Learn about sugary drinks and healthier options at sugar-packed.com.



Eat Right, Find a Site!

Click the image above to find the nearest summer food service meal site and it's serving days and times. 


Providing a healthy meal that is both appetizing and appealing is key for our youth to eat healthy. But don’t worry parents, you don’t have to be master chefs in order to get your kids to eat healthy foods. Incorporating some of these easy tips from our students as well as the experts will help to get your kids to eat more healthy foods at home too. Click the image to start!



The Student's Guide to Nutrition
According to the CDC, “empty” calories account for up to 40% of a young person’s diet, which could lead to real health problems. The Best Colleges Guide goes beyond supplying students with cursory information about nutrition, and takes an in-depth look at why proper nutrition and a well-balanced diet are important to overall health. This is done by detailing:

  • The basic building blocks of nutrition
  • How unhealthy foods affect us
  • How to make better choices in a dining hall
  • Eating well on a budget 


Public Health Sources

Diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer, and even mental illness can be helped and sometimes even resolved by changing what we eat. Nutrition plays a key role in nearly every public health concern in the United States and abroad. If you are a public health professional, these free online resources can serve as useful tools for your trade.

Nutrition Science Sites

Nutrition science is a booming field that is growing in importance as people realize that proper nutrition can fend off disease and generally improve quality of life for people of all ages and demographics. Nutritionists, dietitians, food scientists, and biologists work together to understand the effects of different nutrition conditions on human bodies and lifestyles. Understanding the science behind human nutrition creates an opportunity to improve the health of entire populations, and the growing public interest in good nutrition means there has never been a better time to start studying this field. From university nutrition research labs to academic journals and personal blogs by dietitians, there’s a great deal of material available online for anyone considering nutrition science as a potential career path. These sites are categorized for easy perusal, not listed in order of rank.


To raise consumer awareness about the seriousness of food poisoning (also referred to as foodborne illness) and to provide solutions for easily and safely handling food in their own kitchens, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the American Dietetic Association) and ConAgra Foods' public awareness campaign, Home Food Safety, is dedicated to providing home food safety statistics, information about food poisoning and safe food handling information and tips.


 Help your child grow healthy with science-based health and nutrition information, backed by the expertise of nutrition professionals.



 Many people decide to pick a resolution to help them change a bad habit, but resolving to fill half your plate with fruits & veggies can help you reach several healthy goals: lose weight, stay healthy, and have more energy to do all the activities you want to fit into your day! Now THAT’S a resolution. Here are some meal-specific tips to help you add more fruits & veggies to your day.



Drug and Alcohol Use with Diabetes

Although diabetes is a manageable disease with proper treatment, substance abuse may cause it to become life-threatening. This guide will discuss, in detail, how substance abuse can negatively impact the life and health of a person with diabetes.


Obesity in America

Click the image above to view a Public Health video overview of obesity in America, on obesity and what to do to prevent it. PublicHealth.org is committed to bringing today’s most pressing local, national, and global health issues to the forefront of public discourse. Visit their website, HERE.



Coming Out of the Garden

Coming Out of the Garden is a collaboration by two typical Texas dudes, Jordan and Owen, who wanted to share their plant-based lifestyle with the world. The origin of Coming Out of the Garden comes from all of the awkward, uncomfortable, sometimes hostile and unfriendly conversation we had with our friends, family and acquaintances. We came out of the garden and wanted to share what we learned along the way with you!


 Local Farms and Orchards


Wild Pere Farm: Pick Your Own Organic Produce
(1320 County Rd 102, Floresville, TX 78114)

Wild Pere Farm strives to provide the freshest, local produce to the surrounding local community. We sell produce that is grown right on our farm, growing crops using a method known as bio-rational. These farming practices are based on what is best for our produce, our farm, our health, and the environment. We control insects with sprays that are used in organic production. Wild Pere Farm is not yet USDA certified organic.


 Popular Health Apps



Helobi is a local FREE app that helps you locate healthy options when you are dining out! Visit their website for more details http://www.helobi.com/



Fooducate lets you scan the barcode on food products in the US to get a quick health grade from A to F. Free



Designed for pregnant women, Sprout offers color images and three-dimensional models of your growing baby, weight trackers, kick counter, contraction timer, and Personal MyBaby and Doctor Says sections. $3.99.

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