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There is something so renewing about the calendar striking January 1. I love to see the renewed interest around the gym filled with new people or just people that are more excited to work out again after the crazy of the holidays. The endcaps at the grocery stores clear of all the sugar, flour, baking chips, and syrups, while sparkling water, nuts, and healthy items take their place. The fit and healthy track is an easy one to jump and stay on for about 6-8 weeks  after the New Year. Why is it that after we attack the resolution of healthy with such zest, that we lose steam so soon after?


For the most part, people approach being healthier or losing weight with a little too much excitement. We pledge to never touch another sweet food or go to the gym for two hours a day six days a week. If you have been on a steady diet of holiday treats, pulling a 180 is going to be hard and leave you feeling deprived. And if you haven’t put on a tennis shoe since last February, your body is going to rebel in daily bootcamps. To be successful all year long, simplify. Adopt a new habit every week after you have successfully implemented another one. Here are a few things you can do to help make your first 10 weeks turn into the next ten months.


  1. Start small in fitness. Like I said earlier, if you haven’t worked out all year, or even for the past two months, let your body ease back in. Start with 30 minutes 3-4 days a week and build up from there to prevent injury so you can keep going.

  2. Pick an activity you like. This is said so often because it is so true. If you hate being outside and getting yelled at, outdoor bootcamp is probably not something you are going to drag yourself to often. Fitness should give you a good feeling, so find something you can look forward to everyday.

  3. Make ½ of your plate fruits or veggies. This is a simple way to eat less of what you shouldn’t and more of what you should. No measuring necessary!

  4. Make half of your grains whole grains. You don’t have to cut out carbs if you choose the right ones. Order a sandwich on multigrain bread, make brown or wild rice instead of white.

  5. Be on the sodium and sugar watch. Most processed foods can make life easy, but they add some unwanted things to the menu like extra salt and sugar. Be on the label lookout to make sure of the content.

  6. Up your H2O intake. Thirst and hunger cause the same feeling in your stomach. If you drink water, you aren’t drinking sugar-filled soda or juice. Keep a cup nearby all the time to help encourage you to consume it.



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